Below you can find the submission form as well as our buy prices for cards and their conditions (all foils are assumed to be near mint, any taken in that are less than NM will be offered less based on their condition).

If you don’t see a storm-related item on the list that you would like to sell, use the Contact Form in the footer to message us! This is extremely helpful for obscure foils or rarities.

How it works!

Please carefully review our buy prices, then use the form below to submit a purchasing request. Please make sure to put the quantity, set, card name, and then condition in that orderthis is important.

When you’ve successfully submitted the request, the form will prompt you with a message. From there, the team will review your submission and get back to you (at this time we will provide an address for the seller to ship to). The seller will then ship to The EPIC Storm at their own cost, any damages during this time will not be held accountable to The EPIC Storm.

When we receive the cards, we will compare the package to your selling submission for clarification on card quantities and conditions. At this time if there is a discrepancy it will be noted.

Unfortunately, if there is an unresolvable issue on condition, quantity, or an updated price based on condition The EPIC Storm will ship the item back to you with a tracking number — the seller must pay for this cost at this time. The seller will have 30 days before they’re paid the quoted amount from The EPIC Storm. Sadly, sometimes things don’t work out or there are underlying issues. That said, we’re here to help and provide an easy transaction for all parties.

Assuming both parties agree on card quantities & conditions, the seller will be paid within 24 hours of The EPIC Storm receiving the cards.