Beginner’s Guide to TES

Interested in playing The EPIC Storm (TES), huh? It isn’t easy, but it is a lot of fun, and very rewarding once you’ve become a master. This page is here to help you get your feet wet and help provide the resources that you might need to get to the next level.

You may have come to this page with a specific question about The EPIC Storm, if you didn’t find it, make sure to check out our FAQ.

One of the best things you can do before you actually play a deck is just to consume as much content as possible — whether it be articles, videos, or watching others play. Try to understand the thought processes of why or basic interactions before attempting them for yourself. Below is some content that we at highly recommend for anyone looking to create a Storm.

Start Your Journey with Our Recommended Reads:

  • Reading the Ropes: Dive into the fundamentals with AJ Kerrigan as he covers everything from basic mulligan decisions to winning game strategies. A timeless resource for new players.
  • Infernal Tutoring: Engage with interactive scenarios presented by Jordan Karim that challenge you to find the best play, enhancing your strategic thinking.
  • Matchup Mulligan by Bryant Cook: A series that helps you make decisive opening hand choices tailored to specific matchups.
The ABC's of TES
Reading the Ropes

Deepen Your Knowledge:

  • The ABC’s of TES: Alex McKinley’s beginner-focused series that helps new players understand the intricacies of the TES deck.
  • TES Matchup Battles and Through the Looking Glass: Alex Poling and Oliver Everhard take you through matchup-specific strategies and sideboarding theories to prepare you against various archetypes.
TES Matchup Battles
Infernal Tutoring
Though the Looking Glass

Expand Your Learning with Premium Resources:

Explore our Matchup Resources page for in-depth videos and articles. Enhance your strategic edge with exclusive sideboard guides available through our Shop and Patreon.

Personalized Tutoring:

Struggling with TES? Book a one-on-one session with Bryant Cook for tailored guidance. Learn more here.

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Master the Basics: Goldfishing with The EPIC Storm

Begin your journey with “goldfishing,” an exercise where you evaluate opening hands and play through hypothetical games to understand the deck’s dynamics. The Moxfield hand generator tool and gameplay simulator are excellent resources to assist you.

Tracking Your Progress: The Key to Mastery

It’s crucial to track your Storm count and mana during practice. Use our Mini-Storm Combo Pack, or simply a pen and paper, to maintain accuracy in your counts. Regular practice with these tools will enhance your skills and reduce errors during live play.

Setting Goals in Goldfishing

While goldfishing, set clear objectives to maximize your learning:

  • Confirm that each hand supports a strategic plan.
  • Strive to initiate your combo as quickly as possible.
  • Prepare responses to common challenges like [[Thalia, Guardian of Thraben]] on turn two, [[Force of Will]] on turn two, and a combination of [[Force of Will]] and [[Daze]] on turn three.

From Practice to Real Games: Taking the Next Step

Ready for real matches? Transition to live games on platforms like Magic Online, Cockatrice, and XMage. For a seamless experience, we recommend Magic Online for its comprehensive rules enforcement. Consider using Cardhoarder to rent the full EPIC Storm deck for as low as $5 a week.

Remember: Practice Makes Perfect

Mistakes are part of the learning process when mastering The EPIC Storm. Every player has days when things don’t go as planned. Learn from these moments, whether they result from variance or misplays. With dedication to practicing and refining your strategies, you can aspire to be featured as a master Storm pilot on our site one day.

Facing the Cost: The Truth About Legacy Decks

The Legacy format is notoriously expensive, and the reserve list creates significant barriers to entry. There are frequent questions about viable replacements for [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]]. Unfortunately, no alternatives offer the same synergies with cards like [[Echo of Eons]], [[Mox Opal]], and others. If purchasing this card is not feasible, consider using proxies at your local game store or within your friend group. While a sensitive topic, proxies can be a temporary solution while you save for this key piece of the deck. Alternatively, Magic Online offers a less expensive route to play; you can acquire the entire The EPIC Storm decklist for around $300.00 USD—far less than the cost of a single [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]]. If this is still out of reach, consider using Cardhoarder to rent the deck for as little as $5 a week.

Budget-Friendly Strategies for Building The EPIC Storm

Building The EPIC Storm on a budget is feasible. Since we no longer use [[Ad Nauseam]], maintaining a high life total is less crucial, allowing for some cost-saving substitutions. [[Underground Sea]] can be replaced with [[Watery Grave]]. Likewise, [[Bayou]] and [[Volcanic Island]] can be swapped for more modern equivalents. A recent boon for Legacy players is the introduction of Surveil lands from Murders at Karlov Manor, reducing the number of expensive dual lands needed. The EPIC Storm utilizes affordable options like [[Commercial District]] and [[Undercity Sewers]], each under $10.00 USD. Overall, you’d need just three dual lands, supplementing them with shock lands in the interim.

How to Invest Wisely in Your Magic Deck

Beginning your deck building journey can be daunting. We recommend starting small and gradually upgrading. Utilizing moderately played (MP) cards can significantly reduce costs without compromising performance. Begin by acquiring essential, low-cost cards like [[Brainstorm]], [[Ponder]], [[Galvanic Relay]], [[Lotus Petal]], and [[Dark Ritual]]. Next, invest in budget-friendly rare cards such as [[Undercity Sewers]], [[Burning Wish]], and [[Echo of Eons]] which play pivotal roles in the deck. As your budget allows, consider acquiring higher-value cards in this order:

  1. [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]]
  2. [[Underground Sea]]
  3. [[Volcanic Island]]
  4. [[Bayou]]

Remember to consider our Shop when making these purchases. We also partner with Amazon, TCGplayer, and Cardhoarder.