[[Mox Opal|]]

What is The EPIC Storm?

The EPIC Storm (TES) is a Legacy deck with win conditions utilizing the Storm mechanic. Over time these win conditions have changed. In recent years, the primary win condition has changed from [[Empty the Warrens]] to [[Tendrils of Agony]]! In current lists of TES, an Artifact sub-theme to support [[Mox Opal]] has become a focal point. It’s one of the differentiating factors between TES and its cousin Ad Nauseam Tendrils. TES can be defined by its additional zero mana artifacts as well as its red cards — [[Rite of Flame]] and [[Burning Wish]]!

A few key strengths to TES that separate it from the other storm combo decks in Legacy are its blazing fast speed (while staying consistent and often backed by protection) which allows the deck to win before the opponent can cast their hate spells, high tutor density, the utilization and flexibility of [[Burning Wish]], the strength of its ability to win off of the card [[Ad Nauseam]], and its ability to reliably play multiple colors in a consistent manner.

Since then The EPIC Storm’s incarnation it’s gone from a niche deck to a powerhouse played all around the world with some impressive finishes!


Why does this place exist?

If there is one thing Magic: the Gathering players share it is a passion for the game. Our passion has, to the chagrin of our loved ones, turned into an all-encompassing obsession with The EPIC Storm, and that obsession drove the creation of this site. A hub for content, strategy, merchandise, foiled out decks all about Legacy Storm, and specifically The EPIC Storm.

The site is a labor of love in which we strive to provide the best and most up to date content that you can find anywhere — from beginner guides, to advanced theory, and everything in between. We are the number one source on the internet for responsible casting of [[Grapeshot]].

Who runs this place?

This website (theepicstorm.com) is a community-driven operation, that is managed by its founder — Bryant Cook. But it is the revolving cast of volunteers and content creators that drive the soul of the site. From one-off articles to articles series and play-by-play videos — a family of authors and content creators cultivate and share their best ideas about Legacy and the deck we all love. A current list of contributors can be found on the author’s page, but we hold all of our contributors, past, present, and future close in our hearts.

We are grateful for the broad support we’ve received in building our little corner of Magic: the Gathering content. Along the way, we have had the pleasure of picking the minds of some of Legacy’s greats from Elves’ master Julian Tsubasa to Brian Braun-Duin. We’ve been hosted on a number of other platforms such as the Leaving a Legacy, Humans of Magic, The Eternal Glory Podcast, and even featured in MTGGoldfish’s “This Week in Legacy.”

At the end of the day, it is the community that makes theepicstorm.com a truly special place. Together we’ve agonized over mulligans, we’ve reveled together in turn one kills, and we’ve winced at a top-decked [[Flusterstorm]]. That community includes you. So, have a look around, learn a little and let us know about your experience with the deck. We can’t wait to hear from you, to say hi at the next GP, and to hopefully read about your ideas, right here on theepicstorm.com.