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We got you “fam”.

These are tokens made by The EPIC Storm were crafted for you to make comboing easier. They’re legal in competitive tournaments as well! We worked hand-in-hand with judges to make sure these follow the current event rules and regulations.

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It takes a certain mind-set to play storm. A lot of the deck’s intricacies don’t exactly transfer over from other decks in Legacy or even other formats. That said, anyone can be taught how to play The EPIC Storm at a high level — you just have to put in the work. Most Legacy decks require a learning curve, this deck is no different, if you put in the effort – you’ll get there.

While The EPIC Storm is slightly harder to play than it’s cousin, Ad Nauseam Tendrils, the difference is negligible.

Now to answer the question at hand: We can’t answer that for you.

Do you enjoy doing broken things in other aspects of Magic: The Gathering? Then yes. If you love midrange decks and grinding value, there’s a good chance you won’t enjoy playing combo in general. Playing The EPIC Storm is for people who enjoy the rush of winning the game on turn one through countermagic or discard (see video below), the individuals who like to figure out the best probable line using math, and those who like problem solving difficult scenarios on how to best win through disruption.

Eternal Weekend

Star City Games

Definitely our Beginner’s Guide for starters!

Make sure to check out Alex McKinley’s The ABC’s of TES and AJ Kerrigan’s article series Reading the Ropes as they’re targeted at players learning the Storm archetype. Once you’ve ripped through these series try moving onto articles about specific match-ups. Learning the proper strategies, game plans, how to mulligan, and how each deck combats you will go a very long way. Fortunately for you, The EPIC Storm has a few series dedicated to solving match-ups:

If you’ve conquered that, we suggest that you’re likely ready for something a little more in-depth. TES Infernal Tutoring brings together the website’s team to analyze difficult scenarios and decisions. You’ll gain multiple perspectives on how to handle situations. At the end of all of this, if you’re interested in more, take a deep-dive, and browse the Resources page. It even has a filter that helps you find exactly what you’re looking for.

You can always find our most up-to-date list at our Moxfield.

Step 1: Go to this link.
Step 2: Click ‘File’.
Step 3: Click ‘Make a copy’.

That’s it!

We have an updated in-depth break down in our Beginner’s Guide.

Try to think of things based on their net gain or loss. Here’s a sample line of play: [[Rite of Flame]], [[Rite of Flame]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Duress]], [[Burning Wish]], and [[Empty the Warrens]]. When I view this, I see 4 + 3 = 7, – 2 = 5. It’s much quicker to do this than think + + . While this is a basic example, it demonstrates my point.

Mana Generated by [[Rite of Flame]]
Cast off a single red mana source, in one turn.

  • 1 [[Rite of Flame]] – Two red mana.

  • 2 [[Rite of Flame]] – Four red mana.

  • 3 [[Rite of Flame]] – Seven red mana.

  • 4 [[Rite of Flame]] – Eleven red mana.

Mana Generated by [[Dark Ritual]]
Cast off a single black mana source, in one turn.

  • 1 [[Dark Ritual]] – Three black mana.

  • 2 [[Dark Ritual]] – Five black mana.

  • 3 [[Dark Ritual]] – Seven black mana.

  • 4 [[Dark Ritual]] – Nine black mana.

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For over ten years Bryant Cook exclusively used Powder Blue Ultra Pro sleeves. When Dragonshield released the Matte Sky Blue sleeves a switch was made as well as adopting KMC hard perfect fit sleeves for extra protection. Bryant is a huge fan of both of these products.

Note: This will cause your deck to be larger than a standard double-sleeved deck. The best deck box for those who use KMC Hard Perfect Fit Sleeves is likely a Dex Protection Box.

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