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Counting Mana

Rite of Flame
# of Card Mana Generated Total Mana
1 Copy 2 Mana
2 Copies 4 Mana
3 Copies 7 Mana
4 Copies 11 Mana
Dark Ritual
# of Card Mana Generated Total Mana
1 Copy 3 Mana
2 Copies 5 Mana
3 Copies 7 Mana
4 Copies 9 Mana

Notice how [[Rite of Flame]] doesn’t make as much mana as [[Dark Ritual]] until three copies have been played, which isn’t the easiest task. That said, [[Rite of Flame]] does make more mana on the fourth copy which seems silly until it’s actually needed. This in reference to activating a [[Wishclaw Talisman]] for [[Rite of Flame]] when trying to build up to a lethal [[Grapeshot]] in an effort to avoid [[Veil of Summer]]. The last copy of [[Rite of Flame]] actually generates a mana post-[[Wishclaw Talisman]] as it makes and playing the [[Wishclaw Talisman]] into [[Rite of Flame]] is a total of four mana.

A tip for counting mana isn’t to think about a pair of [[Dark Ritual]] as to make and then the the second copy being minus one to create . Instead, it’s faster and easier to just think of everything for it’s net gain. This way a pair of [[Dark Ritual]] is plus (after the initial cost of the first copy). [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]] is a much easier card to do this with considering the investment into it is always and then plus of any color. For more on counting mana, make sure to check out AJ Kerrigan‘s “Reading the Ropes” on Winning the Game.

Classic TES
Tutor Storm Engine Total Mana
Infernal Tutor Empty the Warrens 6 Mana
Infernal Tutor Ad Nauseam 7 Mana
Burning Wish Empty the Warrens 6 Mana
Burning Wish Ad Nauseam 9 Mana

Disclaimer: The [[Burning Wish]] into [[Ad Nauseam]] lines do contain an [[Infernal Tutor]] in the middle of the process.

Current TES
Tutor Storm Engine Total Mana
Wishclaw Talisman Tendrils of Agony 7 Mana
Wishclaw Talisman Ad Nauseam 8 Mana
Wishclaw Talisman Echo of Eons 6 Mana
Wishclaw Talisman Mind’s Desire 9 Mana
Wishclaw Talisman Galvanic Relay 6 Mana
Burning Wish Galvanic Relay 5 Mana
Burning Wish Mind’s Desire 8 Mana
Burning Wish Echo of Eons 5 Mana
Burning Wish Empty the Warrens 6 Mana
Burning Wish Ad Nauseam 9 Mana

General Advice & Tricks

Some sequencing advice both [[Rite of Flame]] and [[Dark Ritual]] are in hand, cast [[Rite of Flame]] first. There are a few exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, this is is optimal, mostly because of the presence of [[Daze]] in the format, but it’s a good thing to do in general because good mechanics go a long-way in the end. Notice that [[Rite of Flame]] is a sorcery and that [[Dark Ritual]] is an instant. This means with [[Dark Ritual]], responding to a [[Daze]] and then paying for the [[Daze]] tax with one of your floating is possible. Sadly, this isn’t an option with the beloved [[Rite of Flame]].

When it comes to floating mana when casting [[Echo of Eons]], it’s typically best to float in that respective order. This means if floating only one, it’s usually best to float . This is because of the power of [[Brainstorm]] and to a lesser extent — [[Ponder]].

A fan favorite play is what many refer to as, “the [[Chrome Mox]] trick.” This play refers to a situation in which a[[Chrome Mox]] is unable to Imprint anything, but activate a [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]] is also desired. At this point, [[Ad Nauseam]] needs to be in hand or [[Wishclaw Talisman]] in play. Now, this is how it goes:

  1. Cast [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]]
  2. Play [[Chrome Mox]]
  3. In response to [[Chrome Mox]], either cast [[Ad Nauseam]] from hand or activate [[Wishclaw Talisman]] for [[Ad Nauseam]]
  4. Sacrifice [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]] (if using [[Wishclaw Talisman]], this step could’ve been done to pay for [[Ad Nauseam]])
  5. Resolve [[Ad Nauseam]]
  6. Imprint onto [[Chrome Mox]]

The final thing to consider is that [[Veil of Summer]] is an instant. This means that when paired with [[Ad Nauseam]], TES is able to deceptively trick the opponent into allowing [[Veil of Summer]] to resolve on their end step only to be crushed by the [[Ad Nauseam]] that is also in hand. Usually, this also means [[Dark Ritual]] is also in hand. The stars need to align a little bit in order for this to happen, but it certainly comes up from time-to-time.

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