Jupiter Games 1k Event (09/19/2009) — 1st Place

I decided to stay at college the night before needed to wake up at 7AM to begin the drive to Syracuse to meet up with The EPIC Syndicate. I get to Adam Barnello’s by 8:45AM and we’re off! We had decided to start a new tradition on the ride down. If someone in the car wins, they have to buy the rest of the car dinner — spoiler: this was a mistake. We had also decided dinner in the car, I had never been to a Sonic (the only one in New York State is in Binghamton) — and that was going to change.

We arrive at Jupiter Games and as always I couldnt’t wait to search through the Japanese foils — sadly no good finds. It was then that Eli pulled out a box of his personal stuff and in there was an extra FFB German [[Underground Sea]] and a foil Japanese [[Silence]]! Jackpot.

the epic Storm

Main Deck

  • 4 [[Burning Wish]]
  • 3 [[Infernal Tutor]]
  • 2 [[Mystical Tutor]]
  • 4 [[Brainstorm]]
  • 3 [[Ponder]]
  • 2 [[Ad Nauseam]]
  • 1 [[Tendrils of Agony]]
  • 1 [[Ill-Gotten Gains]]
  • 3 [[Duress]]
  • 3 [[Orim’s Chant]]
  • 1 [[Silence]]
  • 2 [[Simian Spirit Guide]]
  • 4 [[Rite of Flame]]
  • 4 [[Dark Ritual]]
  • 4 [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]]
  • 4 [[Lotus Petal]]
  • 4 [[Chrome Mox]]
  • 4 [[City of Brass]]
  • 4 [[Gemstone Mine]]
  • 2 [[Underground Sea]]
  • 1 [[Volcanic Island]]


  • 3 [[Pyroblast]]
  • 2 [[Shattering Spree]]
  • 1 [[Hurkyl’s Recall]]
  • 1 [[Echoing Truth]]
  • 1 [[Krosan Grip]]
  • 1 [[Duress]]
  • 1 [[Infernal Tutor]]
  • 1 [[Grapeshot]]
  • 1 [[Empty the Warrens]]
  • 1 [[Tendrils of Agony]]
  • 1 [[Ill-Gotten Gains]]
  • 1 [[Diminishing Returns]]

Jupiter Games 1K

Round One – Survival Elves

[[Ill-Gotten Gains|]]
[[Ad Nauseam|]]

Game One:

“Forest, [[Llanowar Elf]], and go.” I mulliganed after I draw for turn my hand is: [[Brainstorm]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Ponder]], [[Simian Spirit Guide]], [[Chrome Mox]], [[Lotus Petal]], and [[Underground Sea]]. I play [[Underground Sea]] into [[Ponder]] which looks at [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], [[Lotus Petal]], and [[Infernal Tutor]]. I draw [[Lotus Petal]]. They play [[Priest of Titania]] and pass. I draw the [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]] I put there with [[Ponder]] and then I cast [[Brainstorm]] into [[Infernal Tutor]], [[Lotus Petal]], and [[Chrome Mox]]. I put back two copies of [[Chrome Mox]]. I lay the two [[Lotus Petal]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], remove [[Simian Spirit Guide]], [[Dark Ritual]], and then [[Infernal Tutor]] for [[Ill-Gotten Gains]]. Return [[Dark Ritual]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], and [[Infernal Tutor]]. Play them all and cast [[Tendrils of Agony]].

Sideboarding: -3 [[Orim’s Chant]], -1 [[Silence]], +1 [[Infernal Tutor]], +1 [[Duress]], +1 [[Echoing Truth]], +1 [[Shattering Spree]]

Game Two:

Opponent plays a first turn creature. I look at my hand of: [[Dark Ritual]], [[Chrome Mox]], [[Infernal Tutor]], [[Simian Spirit Guide]], [[Lotus Petal]], [[Ad Nauseam]], and [[Rite of Flame]]. I play [[Chrome Mox]] (Imprint: [[Infernal Tutor]]), [[Dark Ritual]], remove [[Simian Spirit Guide]], [[Rite of Flame]], [[Lotus Petal]], and then cast [[Ad Nauseam]].

2-0 | 1-0

Round Two – Deadguy Ale

[[Gaddock Teeg|]]
[[Lion’s Eye Diamond|]]

Game One:

My opponent plays a first turn [[Duress]] and discards [[Dark Ritual]] over [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]]. I play down my artifact mana and my land. They then play a [[Gaddock Teeg]] on turn two, this definitely caught me off guard. I [[Ponder]] a few turns later into [[Burning Wish]], [[Infernal Tutor]], and a [[Gemstone Mine]]. I cast [[Burning Wish]] kill both [[Dark Confidant]] and [[Gaddock Teeg]] with [[Grapeshot]]. The next thing that happens is my opponent reveals their two lands in hand and then says, “That’s probably the game.” [[Gaddock Teeg]] then comes off the top of their deck and I have no outs.

Sideboarding: -3 [[Orim’s Chant]], -1 [[Silence]], +1 [[Infernal Tutor]], +1 [[Duress]], +1 [[Echoing Truth]], +1 [[Shattering Spree]]

Game Two:

My opening seven consists of: [[Lotus Petal]], [[Lotus Petal]], [[City of Brass]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Infernal Tutor]], [[Dark Ritual]], and [[Rite of Flame]]. I play the pair of [[Lotus Petal]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Rite of Flame]], [[Rite of Flame]], [[City of Brass]], and then [[Infernal Tutor]] for [[Ad Nauseam]] ([[Faerie Macabre]]). Draw a lot of cards, play a bunch of spells, and then [[Tendrils of Agony]].

Game Three:

[Savannah]], pass. I draw [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]] and then turned my hand upside down. [[Infernal Tutor]], [[Infernal Tutor]], [[Brainstorm]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Chrome Mox]], [[Gemstone Mine]], [[Lotus Petal]], and [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]].

4-1 | 2-0

Round Three – Elves

[[Burning Wish|]]
[[Diminishing Returns|]]

Game One:

Another turn one elf. I keep a hand of: [[Chrome Mox]], [[Brainstorm]], [[Brainstorm]], [[Ponder]], [[Underground Sea]], [[Lotus Petal]], and [[Dark Ritual]]. I draw a [[Chrome Mox]] for turn and then play [[Underground Sea]] into [[Brainstorm]]. I draw two lands and [[Simian Spirit Guide]]. I put back [[Chrome Mox]] and a land. They play [[Elvish Archdruid]]. I play [[Ponder]], shuffle, and draw a [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]]. On the opponents turn, they play a lot of elves but don’t actually kill me. I take my turn, play [[Brainstorm]] into [[Chrome Mox]], [[Dark Ritual]], and [[Mystical Tutor]]. They then untap and attack for lethal.

Sideboarding: -3 [[Orim’s Chant]], -1 [[Silence]], +1 [[Infernal Tutor]], +1 [[Duress]], +1 [[Echoing Truth]], +1 [[Shattering Spree]]

Game Two:

I don’t really remember the beginning of this game, I was too caught up with the end. The opponent dealt me a ton of damage because I kept a similar hand to the first. I play [[Brainstorm]] into [[Burning Wish]], cast [[Burning Wish]], and then [[Diminishing Returns]]. I end up with: [[Lotus Petal]], [[Lotus Petal]], [[Infernal Tutor]], [[Brainstorm]], [[Chrome Mox]], [[Ill-Gotten Gains]], and [[Burning Wish]]. I have no mana floating. I then play [[Brainstorm]] off of [[Lotus Petal]] into [[Dark Ritual]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], and [[Mystical Tutor]]. I play the other [[Lotus Petal]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], [[Chrome Mox]], [[Dark Ritual]], and [[Infernal Tutor]] for [[Tendrils of Agony]].

Game Three:

Much like games one and two, I keep an iffy hand that shapes up. On turn 3 or so, I [[Burning Wish]] for [[Diminishing Returns]] and it gets the job done.

6-2 | 3-0

Round Four – Landstill

[[Sensei’s Divining Top|]]

Game One:

I keep a hand of: [[Underground Sea]], [[Volcanic Island]], [[Brainstorm]], [[Ponder]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], [[Dark Ritual]], and [[Infernal Tutor]]. I play [[Volcanic Island]] into [[Ponder]] looking for protection, shuffle, and draw a [[Chrome Mox]]. They play a [[Standstill]]. We play draw go for two turns. I end-step cast [[Brainstorm]] still not finding anything. I say, “no guts, no glory” and go for the win without protection. The opponent made a fatal error of leaving open instead of which meant I know they didn’t have [[Counterspell]]. They also didn’t happen to draw into [[Force of Will]].

Sideboarding: -1 [[Chrome Mox]], -1 [[Ill-Gotten Gains]], -1 [[Ponder]], -1 [[Brainstorm]], +3 [[Pyroblast]], +1 [[Krosan Grip]].

Game Two:

I mulligan to five because there were no lands in my seven or six card hands. I keep a hand of: [[Duress]], [[Gemstone Mine]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Infernal Tutor]], and [[Duress]]. I draw a [[City of Brass]], play it, and then cast [[Duress]]. It turns out the opponent sideboarded into [[Counterbalance]]/[[Sensei’s Divining Top]]: [[Force of Will]], [[Counterbalance]], [[Sensei’s Divining Top]], and 4 lands — I discard [[Counterbalance]]. They play [[Sensei’s Divining Top]]. I draw a [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]]. I play a [[Duress]] take the [[Force of Will]]. We play “draw, go” for a few turns. My hand becomes: [[Silence]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], [[Infernal Tutor]], and [[Rite of Flame]] with [[City of Brass]], [[City of Brass]], and [[Gemstone Mine]] in play. I cast [[Silence]], it resolves. I play [[Dark Ritual]], [[Rite of Flame]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], and [[Infernal Tutor]] into [[Ad Nauseam]].

8-2 | 4-0

Round Five – Goblins

[[AEther Vial|]]
[[Ill-Gotten Gains|]]

Game One:

[[Mountain]] into [[AEther Vial]]. I keep a hand of: [[Brainstorm]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Ponder]], [[Chrome Mox]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], [[Ad Nauseam]], and [[Underground Sea]]. I draw [[Burning Wish]] and then play [[Underground Sea]] into [[Ponder]]. I end up shuffling and drawing another [[Burning Wish]]. [[Goblin Tinkerer]] is played by the opponent. I draw a land, [[Dark Ritual]], [[Chrome Mox]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], and [[Ad Nauseam]].

Sideboarding: -3 [[Orim’s Chant]], -1 [[Silence]], +2 [[Shattering Spree]], +1 [[Hurkyl’s Recall]], +1 [[Duress]].

Game Two:

They open with [[Mogg Fanatic]]. My seven cards are: [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], [[Chrome Mox]], [[Lotus Petal]], [[Shattering Spree]], [[Rite of Flame]], [[Ponder]] and [[Duress]]. I draw a [[City of Brass]] for the draw-step. I then cast [[Ponder]] into [[Mystical Tutor]], [[Dark Ritual]], and [[Infernal Tutor]]. They play a [[Goblin Piledriver]]. Untap, draw, cast my hand into [[Infernal Tutor]] for [[Ill-Gotten Gains]].

10-2 | 5-0

Round Six – Aggro Loam

10-2-1 | 5-0-1

Top Eight – Landstill

[[Orim’s Chant|]]
[[Chrome Mox|]]

Game One:

[[Ponder]], [[City of Brass]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], [[Gemstone Mine]], and [[Orim’s Chant]]. I start with [[City of Brass]] into [[Ponder]]. I see [[Burning Wish]], [[Burning Wish]], and [[Infernal Tutor]]. Draw [[Infernal Tutor]]. On my next turn, [[Orim’s Chant]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], [[Infernal Tutor]], [[Ill-Gotten Gains]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], and [[Infernal Tutor]] into [[Tendrils of Agony]].

Sideboarding: -1 [[Chrome Mox]], -1 [[Ill-Gotten Gains]], -1 [[Ponder]], -1 [[Brainstorm]], +3 [[Pyroblast]], +1 [[Krosan Grip]]

Game Two:

They start the game with turn one [[Sensei’s Divining Top]] and then a second turn [[Counterbalance]]. I’m locked out from there.

Game Three:

They have [[Sensei’s Divining Top]] and [[Counterbalance]] by turn three — things are looking grim. They miss land drops after turn four, which in my eyes mean’s that they have to have counterspells in their hand. They attack. On my turn, I draw a [[Pyroblast]]. I cast [[Orim’s Chant]], they flop [[Sensei’s Divining Top]], in response I cast [[Pyroblast]]. They [[Force of Will]] my [[Pyroblast]]. Still in response, I cast a pair of [[Dark Ritual]]. The stack finally clears. I then play [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], and [[Infernal Tutor]] into [[Ad Nauseam]]. I start flipping at 14 life, but I can’t win quite yet… I’m at 4 and I keep going! Flip [[Ponder]] and flip [[Infernal Tutor]]! I’m at one life. I look through all the cards and can’t win unless I flip a land that doesn’t deal me damage, [[Lotus Petal]], or [[Chrome Mox]]. I don’t even look as I flip… I hear people behind me going crazy. It’s a [[Chrome Mox]]! I play out the artifact mana and [[Infernal Tutor]] for [[Tendrils of Agony]].

12-3-1 | 6-0-1

Top four – Zoo

[[Gaddock Teeg|]]
[[Ad Nauseam|]]
[[Umezawa’s Jitte|]]

Game One:

We’re on the draw… again. [[Wild Nacatl]]. I start with [[Volcanic Island]] into [[Ponder]] and look at: [[Dark Ritual]], [[Lotus Petal]], and [[Chrome Mox]]. I draw [[Dark Ritual]]. My hand is now: [[Lotus Petal]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Rite of Flame]], [[Rite of Flame]], [[Chrome Mox]], and [[Infernal Tutor]]. I draw the other [[Lotus Petal]]. Play out everything into [[Ill-Gotten Gains]] returning [[Rite of Flame]], [[Dark Ritual]], and [[Infernal Tutor]]. I then cast them all and [[Tendrils of Agony]].

Sideboarding: -3 [[Orim’s Chant]], -1 [[Silence]], +1 [[Infernal Tutor]], +1 [[Duress]], +1 [[Echoing Truth]], +1 [[Shattering Spree]]

Game Two:

Beginning of this game is fuzzy. They have a turn two [[Gaddock Teeg]] and a few [[Wild Nacatl]]. I [[Burning Wish]] for [[Grapeshot]] and kill everything. They have no cards in hand and draws into a second [[Gaddock Teeg]].I die to a [[Gaddock Teeg]] carrying a [[Umezawa’s Jitte]].

Game Three:

I kill them before they get a turn. I play [[Underground Sea]], [[Lotus Petal]], [[Rite of Flame]], and [[Ad Nauseam]].

14-4-1 | 7-0-1

Finals – Merfolk

[[Force of Will|]]
[[Orim’s Chant|]]
[[Empty the Warrens|]]

Game One:

They open with a first turn [[Cursecatcher]]. I play [[Underground Sea]] and [[Ponder]]. [[Wasteland]] the [[Underground Sea]]. I play another land. Another [[Wasteland]]. I attempt to go off with a [[Lotus Petal]] and a [[Chrome Mox]] with [[Dark Ritual]]s and [[Rite of Flame]] in hand but [[Cursecatcher]] paired with two copies of [[Force of Will]] is too much.

Sideboarding: -1 [[Chrome Mox]], -1 [[Ill-Gotten Gains]], -1 [[Brainstorm]], +3 [[Pyroblast]]

Game Two:

I keep a seven card hand: [[Silence]], [[City of Brass]], [[Gemstone Mine]], [[Rite of Flame]], [[Lotus Petal]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], and [[Infernal Tutor]]. Play [[City of Brass]] and they play another [[Cursecatcher]]. I draw [[Dark Ritual]] for turn, lay [[Gemstone Mine]], [[Rite of Flame]], [[Silence]], [[Dark Ritual]], [[Lotus Petal]], [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], and [[Infernal Tutor]] into [[Ad Nauseam]].

Game Three:

Last game of the day! [[Orim’s Chant]], [[Rite of Flame]], [[Rite of Flame]] [[Gemstone Mine]], [[Lotus Petal]], [[Lotus Petal]], and [[Burning Wish]]. They have, “[[Island]], go.” I draw [[Orim’s Chant]]. [[Gemstone Mine]], pass. [[Lord of Atlantis]]. I draw a [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]] for turn, play [[Rite of Flame]], [[Lotus Petal]], [[Lotus Petal]], and [[Orim’s Chant]] which meets a [[Force of Will]]. I play the other [[Rite of Flame]] and then [[Orim’s Chant]] — this one resolves. [[Lion’s Eye Diamond]], [[Burning Wish]] and [[Empty the Warrens]] for 18 [[Goblin Token]]s.

16-5-1 | 8-0-1

Closing & General Thoughts

I end up taking home a Japanese Foil [[Silence]], a Japanese Foil [[Ponder]] (M10 — I have 4 of the original), and what I’m most excited about! A German FBB [[Underground Sea]] along with $100 in cash. The EPIC Syndicate had a big day with 4 out of the 5 of us in top 8! with the 5th being 9th.

I end up having to pay for Sonic on the way home, I shouldn’t have agreed to this. Adam Barnello enjoyed it since I defeated him in the finals, Adam didn’t have to pay.

Until next time, keep storming!