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Black Belcher Playmat

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Black Belcher was once used as a way to insult the hard work and dedication our community does on our favorite deck. But no longer! Now it’s a rallying cry for good laughs and an even better brand for our Empty the Warrens based combo deck. This playmat is a good way of showing your dedication to the storm archetype while acknowledging that, ‘Maybe… Belcher would be better with Duress?’

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Screen-printed by hand, this high-quality fabric playmat has inks printed onto a pre-existing red playmat. The ink used will not run or dissolve when water is added, it’s the same solution used on t-shirts that are machine washable. The playmat has an anti-slip backside for maximum the position of your gaming materials.

This Run DMC based design is full of great meme-ery. Some may say that The EPIC Storm is just ‘Belcher with Duress’ and to that, we say, ‘Empty the Warrens is a crutch!’

Why use a playmat? Storm pilots are scholars, regal, and professional. You wouldn’t want to not look the part, right? On a more serious note, your deck and gaming accessories are expensive. Protect them!

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Weight .85 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in





Screenprinted with white and red ink


Machine wash cold, Tumble dry low


Playmat does not come signed. Can opt to leave a message at checkout — silver sharpie recommended.