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We’re back with the mailbox, here are some more Q&A’s:


Would you change anything from your Washington, DC Open list?

This past weekend at the invitational I made one change, I cut the Massacre for a Pyroclasm as twice during the Washington event I wanted it against Grixis Delver. That said, I played against Thalia, Guardian of Thraben decks three times and lost against it once on the weekend. My loss was due from not being able to find a “Tutor” effect, therefor, Massacre would have never of been relevant (I would’ve needed to have a Burning Wish). I’m going to keep Massacre removed from my sideboard for the time being, but I could see it eventually back in there if Death & Taxes increases vastly in numbers.


If you would have played against Shaheen Soorani in the Washington, DC Legacy Open top 8 and knowing that his list plays Telemin Performance, how would you have boarded? May be a Xantid Swarm or two to dodge it?  Just try to race?

I might’ve sided in Xantid Swarm anyway to be honest, just as check to see if he left in anything to deal with it. If so, I would’ve considered siding them out for the third game. The Telemin Performance doesn’t mean a whole lot to me as by the time he should be able to cast it, the game should probably be over. That said, it couldn’t hurt to leave one in just in case it did happen to resolve.


Any consideration for Badlands in the deck? I’ve found myself wishing that the second Volcanic Islands was a Badlands a couple of times while goldfishing.

Badlands isn’t good, the reason being you need a high concentration of blue sources to cast your cantrips with thirteen lands. There’s already two non-blue producing lands in the deck (Swamp & Bayou). The only time I would ever consider Badlands is when playing a basic Island to correct color balance.


Any consideration for a Thoughtseize or Duress in the wish board? Do you just board out a Duress to leave room for that line of play?

I’ve played it in the past, it’s a fine wish target, it just doesn’t get enough use to warrant the sideboard slot. If I was to play it, I would likely cut a Xantid Swarm or move the Bayou to the main deck over the fourth Bloodstained Mire.


Is there a beginners list of this deck or do you have to practice it to get a better understanding of it? Also, is there an alternative to the revised lands? I am just out of college and want to start putting this deck together over the next year or two, is it possible to replace them or skip out on them to save money? Or should I just proxy them in the mean time and get a bigger piggy bank?

There isn’t, in Legacy the best way to learn about something is to dive in head first. Playing a less optimal list will do more harm than help as you’re not really learning all of the aspects that you need to, it’ll teach you incorrect lines and be somewhat of a crutch. I would highly recommend saving up for the revised duals, in TES every single point of life matters – meaning that the shock lands (Watery Grave & Steam Vents) are a real liability when paired with Ad Nauseam. That said, I would rather see a list with shock lands than City of Brass & Mana Confluence as it allows for more shuffle effects. In fact, I think the scars lands (Blackcleave Cliffs & Darkslick Shores) would be better than the five-color lands.


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