Play the Game | Winter Wonderland (01/04/2009) — 3rd Place

About two weeks ago, I was testing against Geoff Smelski (konsultant) and Geoff was just destroying me with Landstill. The issue wasn't being over-loaded against too many counterspells or being outdrawn, it was that [[Ad Nauseam]] kept on failing. I knew I needed to make a change (see below). Day of the event arrives, I'm Read More »

Northern Virginian Legacy Draft (08/07/2007) — 4th Place

My tournament report from the Northern Virginian Legacy Draft event! I opted to play a deck I am quite familiar with and understand — The EPIC Storm. After Kadilak’s Dual Land Draft I decided I needed a new sideboarding plan. I decided that I needed "blasts" ([[Pyroblast]] and [[Red Elemental Blast]]) in the sideboard. Because Read More »