The ABC’s of TES: Removal

The ABCs of TES

Interacting with The EPIC Storm does not always happen directly on the stack. Often opponents will bring lock pieces and other hateful permanents to the table in an attempt to slow TES down or prevent it from winning at all. These cards present the Storm player with two main options: remove the lock piece or Read More »

Matchup Mulligan: Doomsday II

Matchup Mulligan

Final Dungeon Stompy Hand Answer Hand No. 10: (on the play) [[Burning Wish|]] [[Rite of Flame|]] [[Crash|]] [[Chain of Vapor|]] [[Lion's Eye Diamond|]] [[Mox Opal|]] [[Brainstorm|]] » Keep or Mulligan? Mulligan While tempting due to the [[Crash]] and [[Chain of Vapor]], we just need to send this hand back. We can't cast any spells! Sure, Read More »

Through the Looking Glass: Doomsday with Max Carini

Through the Looking Glass

Special Guest A few words on Max Carini: (Twitter: @wonderpreaux | MTGO: wonderPreaux) Max Carini is an IT auditor hailing from the Bay Area and a self-described “rectangles-with-text” hobbyist. After watching [[Ad Nauseam]] resolve during coverage of an SCG Open in 2014, Max decided to wade into Legacy Storm combo under the MTGO nome-de-planeswalker “wonderPreaux.” Read More »

The ABC’s of TES: Interaction

The ABCs of TES

Combo decks in Legacy often get called non-interactive. With Storm, this could not be further from the truth. Usually, between four and eight slots are devoted to interacting in some way with the opponent. The EPIC Storm has played a variety of interaction pieces over the years and understanding how they work against multiple types Read More »

Coming from Competitive 60-Card Magic to cEDH – Quick Guide on Why & How Competitive EDH (cEDH, pronounced Seee-Dee-H) is the competitive-player-driven project to use the rules and card pool just as they are in regular Commander (EDH) in games of four players who are all trying approximately their hardest to win the game. Today, I'm going to make the case for more competitive 60-card players (a term Read More »

Matchup Mulligan: Dungeon Stompy

Matchup Mulligan

Final The EPIC Gamble Hand Answer Hand No. 10: (on the draw) [[Wishclaw Talisman|]] [[Lion's Eye Diamond|]] [[Lion's Eye Diamond|]] [[Ad Nauseam|]] [[Underground Sea|]] [[Burning Wish|]] [[Chain of Vapor|]] » Keep or Mulligan? Mulligan Even if you're fortune enough to receive a turn in the Storm mirror against a faster variant, you would then need Read More »

Through the Looking Glass: Dungeon Stompy with Peter van der Ham

Through the Looking Glass

Special Guest A few words on Peter van der Ham: (Twitter: @PVDH_Magic | MTGO: Maraxus_of_NL) Peter "PVDH" van der Ham, from the small town of Gorinchem in the Netherlands, has been playing Magic the Gathering since 1999 and Legacy competitively since 2007. While a big aficionado of casting free blue spells and closing out a Read More »

TES Infernal Tutoring #59

Infernal Tutoring

Every so often, Legacy reaches beyond its devoted player base and draws the attention of other Magic players to this awesome format. Now is one of those times. Eternal Weekend is back! Wizards of the Coast announced the return of the beloved in-person events this year (mostly in-person, sorry Europe). Players often see success in Read More »