TES Infernal Tutoring #66

Infernal Tutoring

Breaking News: Infernal Tutoring is actually playing [[Infernal Tutor]] again! The EPIC Storm has recently undergone a large shift thanks to some dedicated testing focused on how to stay competitive in the current Legacy metagame. It all began with the adoption of [[Mishra's Bauble]] over [[Ponder]] — a change brought about by the recognition of Read More »

A Storm of Fire & Ice — Modern Gifts Storm Guide

Despite the recent appearance of Gruul Storm in Modern, it has been a couple years since Izzet [[Gifts Ungiven]]-based Storm has had much in the way of results. One part of this is the lack of new cards from the past few years of sets. For instance, the most significant new addition to the deck Read More »

Peering Into Pioneer Lotus Field Combo

Pioneer Lotus Field Combo

As the Pioneer format has come into its own over the past couple years, one deck in particular has been at the top as the premier combo deck of the format. That deck is Lotus Field Combo. The main engine in the deck is to get a [[Lotus Field]] into play and then create a Read More »