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TES Tutoring Session


Who could use a tutoring lesson?

Anyone looking to improve their storm game! This is beneficial for those who require help with the fundamentals such as proper sequencing to individuals who need guidance on higher level concepts like correct lines and strategies.

What exactly are you offering?

On a high level, a one-on-one experience through Discord where we’ll break down plays, strategies, sideboarding and match-ups over Magic Online (MTGO). How it works exactly is that we’ll connect on Discord, share screens, and then play through a Constructed League (five matches).

Want testimonials & more?

Check out our page on Tutoring!



If you have a moment to read the testimonials on the Tutoring page, you’ll see that what I’m offering is guidance on helping you come to the correct decisions on your own. In these sessions, they can start from helping you sequence lands and cantrips, but where I’d like them to end is where you’re doing things on your own and I’m there as a voice on more difficult to questions. Because ultimately, I shouldn’t be the one making every decision, that won’t help anyone. I’m here to help you grow as a storm pilot.

As an added value, at the end of each TES Tutoring Session, you will be provided a download link (link will expire after seven days, so please don’t sit on this!) to a recording of our lesson. This will help with further understanding of problems, what you should work on, as well as providing “more bang for your buck.”

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Bryant Cook, Alex McKinley


Legacy, Modern, Pauper, Vintage, Pioneer