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Izzet Breach | Sideboard Guide


Sideboard Guide for Modern Izzet Breach as of 01/25/24 by Bryant Cook


Izzet Breach Sideboard Guide

Welcome to the ultimate strategic companion for piloting Izzet Breach in Modern! Our meticulously crafted sideboard guide is your key to mastering this dynamic and powerful deck, ensuring you’re equipped for the myriad of challenges you’ll face in competitive play.

What is a Sideboard Guide?

A sideboard guide is a roadmap tailored for Izzet Breach, providing detailed strategies and recommendations on how to adapt your deck between games. Given the diverse landscape of Modern format decks, our guide helps you anticipate and counter specific opponent strategies, increasing your chances of victory.

Why Use a Sideboard Guide?

  • Strategic Edge: It offers an in-depth understanding of how Izzet Breach interacts with various opponent decks, enhancing your strategic decision-making.

  • Flexibility: Learn how to efficiently swap cards from your sideboard to your main deck, allowing your deck to evolve based on the opponent’s strategies.

  • Stay Ahead of the Game: The guide keeps you informed about the latest trends and meta shifts, ensuring Izzet Breach remains a formidable contender.

How to Use the Guide:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Your Deck: Understand the core mechanics and strengths of Izzet Breach. This knowledge is crucial for making informed decisions during sideboarding.

  2. Analyze Your Opponent: Between games, identify key elements of your opponent’s deck that may pose a threat or reveal weaknesses.

  3. Consult the Guide: Use our sideboard guide to find specific recommendations for the deck you’re facing. We provide insights on which cards to swap in and out, and the rationale behind these choices.

  4. Adapt Your Strategy: Implement the suggested changes from the guide, but also trust your instincts. The guide is a resource, but your intuition as a player is invaluable.


  • The sideboard guide for Izzet Breach is dynamic. As the Modern meta evolves, so will our strategies and recommendations.

  • Practice makes perfect. The more you play with Izzet Breach, the more intuitive sideboarding becomes.

  • Embrace the storm and outmaneuver your opponents with cunning and precision!