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Ready to Elevate Your Combo Game?

Who can benefit? If you’re aiming to master the art of combo play, these tutoring sessions are tailored just for you. Whether you’re refining your sequencing skills or seeking guidance on advanced strategies, our sessions cater to players of all levels. These sessions are for a variety of different formats and decks, not just The EPIC Storm!

What’s in Store for You?

Embark on a personalized journey through the world of combo decks with our one-on-one tutoring sessions conducted via Discord. Delve into the intricacies of gameplay, sideboarding tactics, and matchup strategies—all while battling it out on Magic Online with your co-pilot of Bryant Cook or Alex McKinley. Plus, enjoy the added flexibility of scheduling your sessions to fit your busy lifestyle.

Pro Tip:
All purchased time must be used in one session. If you opt for multiple sessions, ensure they’re redeemed within three months. Any remaining sessions expire at year-end.

Why Choose The EPIC Storm Tutoring?

Unlock your potential with guidance that empowers you to make informed decisions on your own. From mastering basic land sequencing to tackling complex gameplay scenarios, our tutors are committed to nurturing your skills. Plus, gain exclusive access to cutting-edge deck lists, strategic insights, and valuable resources to stay ahead of the game.

As a special bonus, each session includes a downloadable recording for future reference, ensuring you get the most out of your learning experience.

Ready to Level Up?

Take the first step toward mastery by filling out our contact form with the subject line “TES Tutoring Session.” Let’s schedule your session at a time that suits you best. Afterward, come back here to secure your spot with either Bryant or Alex, and get ready to elevate your combo game!



“Preparing for the Pro Tour 25th Anniversary was daunting, but Bryant’s tutoring sessions were invaluable. His keen insights and patient guidance elevated my understanding of TES to new heights. From refining basic plays to mastering complex strategies, Bryant’s expertise shines through. His coaching isn’t just about TES—it’s a masterclass in combo gameplay. Highly recommended!”

Lucas Esper Berthoud, Platinum Pro

(Read Lucas’s Pro Tour experience here and dive deeper into our tutoring sessions.)

“I used to be very skeptical about whether tutoring would make much of a difference. What if I was just unlucky and there was nothing to learn from reviewing the games I lost? I couldn’t have been more wrong. Bryant has provided extremely valuable insights, not just on games I lost but also on games I won and thought I played well.

Since starting monthly sessions with him, I have learned a lot and made significant progress. Some combo decks are extremely complex and involve a lot of nuance, particularly The EPIC Storm. With Bryant’s guidance, you too can master combo! It makes a big difference if you’ve been struggling to elevate your game. After a recent session with Bryant, I immediately played a league with the deck, eager to put the breakthroughs he helped me achieve into practice. I went 5-0, dropping only a single game.”

Declan D’Arcy (Velgrim)

“Before working with Bryant, my TES performance left much to be desired. Endless losses in leagues and early exits in tournaments left me frustrated. Discovering Bryant’s expertise transformed my approach. His tutoring turned my record around—leading to my first 5-0 league finish! Bryant’s nuanced insights not only improved my TES skills but elevated my overall gameplay. A game-changer, indeed!”


“Transitioning from Death and Taxes to TES was challenging. Feeling lost in matchups, I turned to Bryant’s tutoring. His meticulous approach and deep knowledge of TES were evident from the start. Bryant’s lessons not only clarified my role in each matchup but also boosted my confidence. His professionalism and adaptability made the learning process seamless. Highly recommended for anyone serious about leveling up their TES game!”

Joshua Keith Hughes (whiskeyhughes)

“My tutoring session with Bryant was enlightening. His patient approach and clear explanations helped me identify and rectify my gameplay flaws. Bryant’s coaching isn’t just about TES—it’s about cultivating a deeper understanding of Magic. His insights and guidance have transformed my gameplay and boosted my win rate. Worth every penny!”

Dylan Parker (communism)

“Bryant’s tutoring sessions exceeded my expectations. His expertise and constructive feedback helped me overcome my TES challenges. From refining my gameplay to optimizing my decklist, Bryant’s insights were invaluable. His patient coaching style and attention to detail make him an exceptional teacher. Whether you’re new to TES or a seasoned player, Bryant’s sessions are a game-changer!”

Tyler Carden (shufflesthedrummer)

“My tutoring sessions with Bryant were transformative. His deep understanding of TES and patient guidance helped me navigate complex gameplay scenarios. Bryant’s insights not only improved my TES skills but also enhanced my overall Magic gameplay. His professionalism and passion for teaching shine through in every session. A highly recommended investment for anyone serious about mastering TES!”

Gregory Sperry

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