Godo 2018 — Deck Showcase

General & Tokens:


Changes since 2017

  • Godo was signed!
  • Experimental Frenzy is nuts — It’s insanely good.
  • Blood Sun — No cute tricks, just locking fools.
  • Karn, Scion of Urza — Might’ve been made for this deck.
  • The First Eruption is perfect! — Comes down to clear mana dorks, accelerates you into Godo on curve, and then clears the way for Godo.
  • I still haven’t replaced my Grim Monolith — I’d sell it all over again.
  • Volkan Baga signatures — They look real nice on those moxen!
  • No Field of Ruin — I have enough ways to mess with people’s lands without taking a turn off.
  • I still need to upgrade that Gamble.
  • I need to start trying to get more signatures for this deck, I’ve been sleeping on it.

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