Coming from Competitive 60-Card Magic to cEDH – Quick Guide on Why & How Competitive EDH (cEDH, pronounced Seee-Dee-H) is the competitive-player-driven project to use the rules and card pool just as they are in regular Commander (EDH) in games of four players who are all trying approximately their hardest to win the game. Today, I'm going to make the case for more competitive 60-card players (a term Read More »

Godo 2020 — Deck Showcase

General & Tokens Main Deck Changes since 2019 Need to get and add a [[Dockside Extortionist]]. [[Batterskull]] was cut this year! Need to purchase a [[Jeweled Lotus]]. Japanese foil [[Sol Ring]]! [[Ruination]] signed! Japanese foil signed [[Basalt Monolith]]! Purchased an elusive Japanese signed [[Lotus Petal]]. Have you read [[Deflecting Swat]]? Need to get and add Read More »

Godo 2019 — Deck Showcase

Godo Deck Showcase 2019

General & Tokens Main Deck Changes since 2018 Cavern of Souls — Upgraded! Inferno Titan — Cut this year :( Mana Vault — Now Japanese foil! Manifold Key — Makes Godo unblockable, don't forget! Grim Monolith — Probably never getting another? Helm of the Host — Better than I initially thought. Gamble — Now Japanese foil! Wildfire — I was challenged to upgrade Read More »

Godo 2018 — Deck Showcase

Godo 2018 Deck Showcase

General & Tokens: Deck: Changes since 2017 Godo was signed! Experimental Frenzy is nuts — It's insanely good. Blood Sun — No cute tricks, just locking fools. Karn, Scion of Urza — Might've been made for this deck. The First Eruption is perfect! — Comes down to clear mana dorks, accelerates you into Godo on curve, and then Read More »

Godo 2015 — Deck Showcase

Godo 2015 Deck Showcase

For those of you unfamiliar, I have posted a yearly update of my Legacy Storm deck in the Pimp Legacy Decks thread on MTGthesource ever since 2008 (I keep links to each year's update on the home page at the bottom of the additional information tab under "other"). This year, I've decided to include my Godo, Bandit Warlord EDH/Commander deck! Read More »