The EPIC Legacy Tier List — Q1 ’24

This is part of an (approximately) quarterly tier list article series.


Everyone builds tier lists differently. Mine is based on Magic: The Gathering Online (MTGO) Challenge results (As collected by Joe Dyer and the Legacy Data Collection Discord). The data-driven approach helps inform my feelings based on my experiences playing with and against the decks in multiple settings.

For this tier list, I analyzed the data from September 2023 onward, including all three Eternal Weekends! The best use of a tier list is to help better inform what deck to play or how to tune a deck and/or sideboard to beat a metagame. My rankings strongly consider play rate and win rate.

The decks ranked are the most played in the format. Not every Legacy deck ever played is ranked, as there is not enough space. Rankings within tiers are splitting hairs. Decks are ranked within each tier in alphabetical order.

S Tier

A deck that consistently places one or more copies in a challenge top 8. Normally, these decks reach the “bannable” threshold. They have strong win rates and play rates. Players will always consider warping their sideboards, main decks, or even archetype selections based on these decks. An S-tier deck has almost no terrible matchups and few bad matchups among commonly played decks. If you don’t play an S-tier deck, you are either wrong or have an outstanding reason not to.

A Tier

Decks that consistently have a copy in the top 8 of a challenge. It is unlikely to top 8 every challenge, but should appear in most. An A-tier deck is a strong but not overwhelming force in a metagame. A-tier decks have weaknesses, though bad matchups tend to have lower play rates. A-tier decks are good choices for tournament play.

B Tier

Strategies that will not make most challenge top 8s due to low power level or lower play rate. B-tier decks appearing in top 8s are not shocking, but not expected. These decks maintain exceptional win rates against some higher-tier decks but typically at the cost of their win rate against other lower-tier decks. Playing a B-tier deck in a tournament is a voluntary disadvantage aiming to leverage a specific metagame read.

C Tier

Specialist decks that rarely appear in top 8s (and only then in the hands of archetype masters). Generally, good C-tier deck specialists grind their archetype often and have an elevated win rate as a result, but a C-tier deck top 8’ing remains a surprise. The play rate of a C-tier deck is typically one to two players per event. While C-tier decks can have some good matchups, format pressures keep them from ascending to a higher tier or the strategy might have an inherent weakness that is exploitable.

D Tier

Archetypes that are underpowered or rarely played. It is surprising these decks are registered in any amount in a challenge.

The Tier List

S Tier

No Decks

A Tier

Beanstalk Control (Rename from 4c Control)
Boros Initiative (-)
Dimir Scam (-)
Grixis Delver (-)
Temur Delver (DA)

B Tier

8-Cast (-)
Death’s Shadow (AB)
Turbo Goblins (New!)
Lands (-)
Reanimator (-)
Painter (-)
Moon Stompy (-)
Rhinos (CB)

The Metagame

[[Stalactite Stalker|]]
[[Questing Druid|]]
[[Broadside Bombardiers|]]

Legacy is a fair world. At Eternal Weekend, the Legacy Community saw the full power of the [[Up the Beanstalk]] control decks with [[Triumph of Saint Katherine]]. While this defined paper events, a Sultai Beanstalk deck showed up on MTGO — it is not ranked due to a lack of data in combination with its similarity to full 4c lists. I do expect Sultai Beanstalk to show up next quarter.

The Tempo Shells have continued to diversify. Temur Delver, in the hands of Julian “JUJUBEAN__2004” Jakobovits, won Eternal Weekend Europe, which is a different trajectory than I expected. I presumed [[Orcish Bowmasters]] too overwhelming in the mirror. It turns out that card advantage not strictly tied to drawing cards gives Temur Delver the edge against Grixis Delver.

Dimir pilots have continued to innovate with the Lost Caverns of Ixalan card [[Stalactite Stalker]]. I expect [[Stalactite Stalker]] to make its way into Grixis Delver, assuming the Blue count for [[Force of Will]] is sufficient.

Creature aggro is also powerful. Initiative maintains one of the highest win rates among played decks. The Initiative decks are terrifying. [[Broadside Bombardiers]] is a new addition to a different type of stompy deck — Turbo Goblins with [[_____ Goblin]]. [[_____ Goblin]] enables potential turn-one [[Muxus, Goblin Grandee]] draws, which can flip a haste-enabler to win the game. Initiative and Turbo Goblins are partly responsible for [[Hydroblast]] returning to the metagame.

Overplayed & Underplayed


Reanimator — Reanimator sports a 45% win rate despite being the third-most-played deck. While powerful, Reanimator is not as easy to pilot as many make it seem. Good Reanimator players should probably continue playing it, but it is not quite the pick-up-and-play deck it’s often touted as. This was true last quarter, and nothing has changed. [[Shallow Grave]] for a massive burst of damage with [[Archon of Cruelty]] has shown some recent success.

Death & Taxes — In a world of Blue decks drawing cards, the Death & Taxes engine is not online fast enough to out-grind them. Similarly, Death & Taxes does not present an overwhelming threat like Initiative and Turbo Goblins do.


The EPIC Storm (TES) — Though biased, this is the strongest TES that has been relative to the metagame in a long time. TES demolishes fair blue decks. Since Blue decks must adjust to beat each other, it is a good time to register [[Dark Ritual]].

Storm Decks

[[Urza’s Saga|]]
[[Beseech the Mirror|]]

Combo, in general, appears to have fallen in play rate. When creating the tier list, I strongly consider play rate and win rate. Per recent results, combo players who know their decks win at a high clip. Our own Bryant Cook top 8’d North America Eternal Weekend. Max “wonderPreaux” Carini won the Legacy Showcase with Doomsday.

Black Saga Storm puts up results every couple of challenges. With a focus on the fair race of [[Orcish Bowmasters]], [[Up the Beanstalk]], and [[Ancient Tomb]] decks, combo might have an opportunity for a resurgence. It just needs players.

Combo decks are powerful. Once players put in the time, I expect Storm to climb up the rankings!

Rating my Rating

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