Main Deck

Vintage Paradoxical Outcome Main 1Vintage Paradoxical Outcome Main 2Vintage Paradoxical Outcome Main 3Vintage Paradoxical Outcome Main 4Vintage Paradoxical Outcome Main 5Vintage Paradoxical Outcome Main 6Vintage Paradoxical Outcome Main 7Vintage Paradoxical Outcome Main 8


Vintage Paradoxical Outcome Sideboard 1Vintage Paradoxical Outcome Sideboard 2

Card Notes

  • Power 9 — Chinese fakes! Sorry to disappoint.
  • Sensei’s Divining Top — Need two more…
  • Sphinx of the Steel Wind — Very good in an Oko world!
  • Merchant Scroll — I have no excuse.
  • Narset — Maybe with the restriction they’ll be cheaper?
  • Bolas’s Citadel — I probably win with this as much as I do Outcome.
  • Wheel of Fortune — Doesn’t come in Japanese, what to do?
  • Rebuild — Just something I’m trying. I’ve had MUD play Leyline of Sanctity a few times.



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