Modern UR Storm 2019 — Deck Showcase

Main Deck

UR Storm 2019 Main 1UR Storm 2019 Main 2UR Storm 2019 Main 3UR Storm 2019 Main 4UR Storm 2019 Main 5UR Storm 2019 Main 6UR Storm 2019 Main 7UR Storm 2019 Main 8


UR Storm 2019 Dividers 1UR Storm 2019 Dividers 2UR Storm 2019 Dividers 3


UR Storm 2019 Sideboard 1UR Storm 2019 Sideboard 2

Changes since 2018

  • Aria of Flame — Makes beating graveyard hate so much easier!
  • Remand — Back in the main deck!
  • Platinum Plan — Upgraded to Japanese foil!
  • Peer Through Depths — I like these with the Platinum plan, they don’t mill your targets unlike Pieces of the Puzzle.
  • Spirebluff Canal — They’re out being signed!
  • Shenanigans — Great Gifts Ungiven target due to Dredge.
  • MH1 — First ever Japanese foil Goblin Tokens!
  • Flusterstorms — Just got them back from the signing.
  • Repeal — Got a full set signed this year!
  • No Noxious Revival — It’s too slow…

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Extra Cards

UR Storm 2019 Extras 1UR Storm 2019 Extras 2UR Storm 2019 Extras 3UR Storm 2019 Extras 4UR Storm 2019 Extras 5



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