The EPIC Storm approaches the Magdalen coast – The End

A look behind For the sake of contextualization, let's say a lot happened for the league since the last article was published. I was ahead in our ranking, but without a comfortable lead over my competition. It was our last weekly event, only was thing was left between that time and the final tournament – a practice Read More »

The EPIC Storm approaches the Magdalen coast – A calm before the Tendrils

Words are running from me as the conclusion to this adventure comes near. Following this article, only one should follow; bringing with it the news of my victory or failure. With a single practice night coming next Thursday and our final tournament on Saturday night, I can feel my heartbeat racing. We’re ending this soon. Read More »


The weekend begins with being let out of work early Thursday afternoon, with my car already packed, I hit 81S for roughly six hours. I drive by Philadelphia and then Baltimore before arriving in Washington, DC. One of my good friends and former roommates from college, Chris, greets me at his doorstep. I unpack quickly Read More »