The ABC’s of TES: Matchups

The ABCs of TES

Understanding the mechanics and basic decisions with The EPIC Storm is only the first step in achieving mastery. One of the strengths of the deck is it's supreme flexibility and ability to play multiple different games, depending on what is needed in the moment. Understanding what the opposing deck is and what the plan for Read More »

The ABC’s of TES: Cantrips

The ABC's of TES

Cantrips, cards that provide some amount of card selection, are the backbone of almost every blue deck in Legacy. The EPIC Storm is no different. [[Brainstorm]] and [[Ponder]] are two important cards to learn how to play in an aggressive combo oriented style. Why Play Cantrips [[Ponder|]] [[Brainstorm|]] [[Preordain|]] Cantrips are slow cards. They cost Read More »

The ABC’s of TES: Counting Mana

The ABC's of TES

Goldfishing is the most common practice given to new Storm players. This is the practice of playing against an opponent as if they do not take any game actions. Knowing how to execute a storm combo should be the easiest part of any game and thus makes goldfishing a great place to start. The combo Read More »