Matchup Mulligan: BR Reanimator

Moon Stompy Final Hand Answer

Hand 10: (on the play)

Lions Eye Diamond Lions Eye Diamond BurningWish Gitaxian Probe Gitaxian Probe Brainstorm Chain Of Vapor


Most people correctly answered that this hand is a keep and that’s great. However, about half of these individuals missed a crucial line.

With your first Gitaxian Probe if you hit a blue-producing land, Chrome Mox, or Lotus Petal you likely win the game. From there you cast Brainstorm, put Burning Wish on top of your library, then cast the second copy of Gitaxian Probe, hold priority, then break your Lion’s Eye Diamonds. Burning Wish and finally Empty the Warrens (this could change depending on your storm count based on how good the Brainstorm was).

In a non-perfect world, you miss on the first Gitaxian Probe and then have to use the second Gitaxian Probe – which isn’t the end of the world. You’re around 60% to hit an initial mana source off of both Gitaxian Probes which makes the probability worth it in my eyes.

If all else fails, you can play out your Lion’s Eye Diamonds to avoid Chalice of the Void and have Chain of Vapor to fall back on.

BR Reanimator


Hand 1: (on the play)

Chrome Mox Duress Gitaxian Probe Lotus Petal Bloodstained Mire BurningWish DarkRitual


Most people should get this, it’s almost an ideal hand. The only real downside is that Burning Wish doesn’t have very many good targets against BR Reanimator with v4.2. What this hand has going for it is that you can play through a Chancellor of the Annex with Chrome Mox, Lotus Petal, or even Gitaxian Probe before casting Duress.

In all likelihood, I would throw away the Chrome Mox to a Chancellor of the Annex and then cast Duress. I would sit on Gitaxian Probe for a turn, I think there’s little to be gained by casting it on the first turn.


Hand 2: (on the draw)

BurningWish Infernal Tutor Ponder Brainstorm Polluted Delta Underground Sea Bloodstained Mire


I wouldn’t blame those unfamiliar for the deck for wanting to keep this, but this should be a mulligan. This hand just doesn’t do anything to progress your own game-plan while not interacting with the opponent. It also doesn’t play through Chancellor of the Annex very well. This hand is just far too slow to be considered a keep.


Hand 3: (on the play)

Chrome Mox Gitaxian Probe Lotus Petal Duress Cabal Therapy Cabal Therapy Scalding Tarn


Hands that are heavy with discard spells are fine. BR Reanimator is somewhat fragile and can be stalled into a longer game with hands like this, which will likely buy enough time in order to win.


Hand 4: (on the draw)

Lions Eye Diamond Infernal Tutor Lotus Petal DarkRitual Ponder Infernal Tutor


A bit risky as you need to draw an initial mana source, for them not to have a discard spell, a Chancellor of the Annex, or for them to just win… but I don’t think you can expect much better from a five card hand.


Hand 5: (on the play)

Lions Eye Diamond Lions Eye Diamond Chrome Mox Lotus Petal DarkRitual Badlands Island


While not exactly ideal, I don’t mind keeping hands like this. Especially pre-board where you still have Ponder. Playing out your hands allows you to beat Griselbrand into a bunch of discard spells or even Sire of Insanity. You have about twenty cards in your deck that are “hits” or provide another opportunity to hit, which I think is good enough.



Website recommendation for sideboarding


Hand 6: (on the draw)

Echoing Truth BurningWish Infernal Tutor Polluted Delta Chain Of Vapor Volcanic Island Polluted Delta


This hand is essentially the same as hand two, except we’ve turned our cantrips into bounce spells. While bounce spells are nice for dealing with Chancellor of the Annex in play, they do do enough to justify keeping such a slow hand.


Hand 7: (on the play)

Cabal Therapy Lotus Petal Chrome Mox Infernal Tutor Infernal Tutor Polluted Delta


I know a lot of newer players get nervous about casting a blind Cabal Therapy, but you have to get over it and will learn to keep hands like this. I would keep this as a seven card hand as well, you’re really just a Lion’s Eye Diamond away from winning AND have disruption.

I would likely name Reanimate as it’s the fastest reanimation spell and we need to buy ourselves some time to draw into Lion’s Eye Diamond.


Hand 8: (on the draw)

Infernal Tutor Chain Of Vapor DarkRitual Rite Of Flame Brainstorm


I hate the “I don’t go below five cards” mantra that players seem to think is cool. If the hand doesn’t play Magic, you need to send it back.


Hand 9: (on the play)

Brainstorm Brainstorm Chain Of Vapor Lotus Petal Rite Of Flame Rite Of Flame DarkRitual


So… this hand straight loses to Chancellor of the Annex and even if they don’t have it, loses to not finding a business spell AND mana off of the Brainstorm. These are tall asks, I would quickly send this back.


Hand 10: (on the draw)

DarkRitual DarkRitual Ad Nauseam Chrome Mox Infernal Tutor Duress Cabal Therapy

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