A Storm of Fire & Ice — Modern Gifts Storm Guide

Despite the recent appearance of Gruul Storm in Modern, it has been a couple years since Izzet [[Gifts Ungiven]]-based Storm has had much in the way of results. One part of this is the lack of new cards from the past few years of sets. For instance, the most significant new addition to the deck Read More »

Modern UR Storm 2020 — Deck Showcase

Modern UR Storm Deck Showcase 2020

Main Deck Dividers Sideboard Changes since 2019 Why hasn't John Howe opened up to signing yet?! Finally got my [[Spirebluff Canal]]s back after two years. I know, I need to get a nice [[Breeding Pool]]. Raymond Swanland signing soon! [[Veil of Summer]] added. [[Misty Rainforest]] signed! Magali signing approaching for [[Weather the Storm]]. Kev Walker Read More »

Pioneer Lotus Combo 2020 — Deck Showcase

Pioneer Lotus Combo Deck Showcase 2020

Main Deck Sideboard Extra Cards Other Accessories » Mini Token Pack» Hard Perfect Fit Sleeves» Dragonshield Outer Sleeves» DEX Deckbox» Silly Arcade Dice The third party products listed on this site are non-sponsored. We weren’t coerced or bribed to shill these products. We are doing so of our own volition. Because we are Amazon and Read More »

Modern UR Storm 2019 — Deck Showcase

Modern UR Storm Deck Showcase 2019

Main Deck Dividers Sideboard Changes since 2018 Aria of Flame — Makes beating graveyard hate so much easier! Remand — Back in the main deck! Platinum Plan — Upgraded to Japanese foil! Peer Through Depths — I like these with the Platinum plan, they don't mill your targets unlike Pieces of the Puzzle. Spirebluff Canal — They're out being signed! Read More »

Modern UR Storm 2018 — Deck Showcase

Modern 2018 Deck Showcase

Main Deck: Dividers: Sideboard: Changes since 2017 All Japanese foil! — ...and mostly signed. Tried to go for original sets on most things. — I'm not rich. No Remand — I'm a firm believer that it's bad in the metagame. Where's Blood Moon? — No longer viable in a world with Field of Ruin & Assassin's Trophy. Read More »