Legacy Challenge – 07/18/20 – Round 6 vs. Flow_true with Eldrazi Aggro

Bryant Cook | Legacy Challenge 07/18/20 — Round 6

the epic Storm .dek (MTGO) | .txt Main Deck 4 Burning Wish 4 Wishclaw Talisman 4 Brainstorm 4 Ponder 1 Tendrils of Agony 1 Ad Nauseam 1 Echo of Eons 4 Veil of Summer 3 Thoughtseize 1 Chain of Vapor 4 Dark Ritual 4 Lion’s Eye Diamond 4 Lotus Petal 4 Mox Opal 4 Chrome...

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Matchup Mulligan: Eldrazi Ramp

Matchup Mulligan

Final Jeskai Breach Hand Answer Hand No. 10: (on the draw) Dark Ritual Dark Ritual Ad Nauseam Lotus Petal Echo of Eons Scalding Tarn Chrome Mox » Keep or Mulligan? Keep Well, this is a little awkward with the Underworld Breach banning. That said, the matchup was miserably difficult and it ...

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