Legacy Challenge – 05/03/20 – Top 8 vs. learntolove6 with Grixis Delver

Bryant Cook | Legacy Challenge 05/03/20 — Top 8

the epic Storm .dek (MTGO) | .txt (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Main Deck 4 [[Brainstorm]] 4 [[Ponder]] 4 [[Wishclaw Talisman]] 4 [[Burning Wish]] 1 [[Tendrils of Agony]] 1 [[Ad Nauseam]] 1 [[Echo of Eons]] 4 [[Veil of Summer]] 2 [[Defense Grid]] 4 [[Rite of Flame]] 4 [[Dark Ritual]] 4 [[Lion's Eye Diamond]] 4 [[Lotus Read More »

Matchup Mulligan: Grixis Control

Matchup Mulligan

Death's Shadow Hand Answer Hand 10: (on the play) » Keep or Mulligan? Keep I would hope most people would keep this, but recently I've found less experienced players addressing their concerns about keeping "no-land hands" against blue decks. I think this comes from the Ad Nauseam Tendrils (ANT) mindset. Something I believe is often forgotten Read More »