Through the Looking Glass: 8-Cast with David Fleischmann-Rose

Through the Looking Glass

Special Guest A few words on David Fleischmann-Rose David Fleischmann-Rose was first introduced to Magic when a friend showed him how to play with an Unlimited Starter Deck in 1994. He bought his first cards - Revised and The Dark - at his local video rental store, and has been hooked ever since. David placed Read More »

Matchup Mulligan: 8-Cast

Matchup Mulligan

Final Lands Hand Answer Hand No. 10: (on the draw) [[Ponder|]] [[Brainstorm|]] [[Abrupt Decay|]] [[Badlands|]] [[Scalding Tarn|]] [[Lotus Petal|]] [[Rite of Flame|]] » Keep or Mulligan? Keep One of the most crucial components to the Lands matchup is being able to answer [[Sphere of Resistance]] when on the draw, and this hand does that nicely. Read More »