TES 2020 — Deck Showcase

Legacy The EPIC Storm Deck Showcase 2020

Main Deck Dividers Sideboard Changes since 2019 [[Wishclaw Talisman]] now signed! TES gains [[Peer into the Abyss]]! Addition of [[Carpet of Flowers]] to fight [[Delver of Secrets]] decks. No more [[Hope of Ghirapur]], thanks [[Ice-Fang Coatl]]! Japanese foil MH1 [[Goblin Token]]s out being signed by Kev. Walker. [[Veil of Summer]] now signed! A more balanced Read More »

Modern UR Storm 2020 — Deck Showcase

Modern UR Storm Deck Showcase 2020

Main Deck Dividers Sideboard Changes since 2019 Why hasn't John Howe opened up to signing yet?! Finally got my [[Spirebluff Canal]]s back after two years. I know, I need to get a nice [[Breeding Pool]]. Raymond Swanland signing soon! [[Veil of Summer]] added. [[Misty Rainforest]] signed! Magali signing approaching for [[Weather the Storm]]. Kev Walker Read More »

Pioneer Lotus Combo 2020 — Deck Showcase

Pioneer Lotus Combo Deck Showcase 2020

Main Deck Sideboard Extra Cards Other Accessories » Mini Token Pack» Hard Perfect Fit Sleeves» Dragonshield Outer Sleeves» DEX Deckbox» Silly Arcade Dice The third party products listed on this site are non-sponsored. We weren’t coerced or bribed to shill these products. We are doing so of our own volition. Because we are Amazon and Read More »

Godo 2020 — Deck Showcase

General & Tokens Main Deck Changes since 2019 Need to get and add a [[Dockside Extortionist]]. [[Batterskull]] was cut this year! Need to purchase a [[Jeweled Lotus]]. Japanese foil [[Sol Ring]]! [[Ruination]] signed! Japanese foil signed [[Basalt Monolith]]! Purchased an elusive Japanese signed [[Lotus Petal]]. Have you read [[Deflecting Swat]]? Need to get and add Read More »