Matchup Mulligan: Painter III

Matchup Mulligan

Final Orzhov Death & Taxes Hand Answer Hand No. 10: (on the play) [[Beseech the Mirror|]] [[Chrome Mox|]] [[Mox Opal|]] [[Mishra's Bauble|]] [[Underground Sea|]] [[Gaea's Will|]] [[Volcanic Island|]] » Keep or Mulligan? Mulligan This hand is incredibly risky, let's assume our opponent doesn't have [[Deafening Silence]] or even [[Mindbreak Trap]] and that they likely kept Read More »

Double Pyroblasts played in Legacy The EPIC Storm — Live Stream

Double Pyroblasts in TES

the epic Storm .dek (MTGO) | .txt (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Main Deck 4 [[Brainstorm]] 4 [[Mishra's Bauble]] 4 [[Wishclaw Talisman]] 4 [[Burning Wish]] 3 [[Galvanic Relay]] 1 [[Ad Nauseam]] 1 [[Echo of Eons]] 2 [[Orim's Chant]] 2 [[Silence]] 4 [[Rite of Flame]] 4 [[Dark Ritual]] 4 [[Lion's Eye Diamond]] 4 [[Lotus Petal]] 4 Read More »

Through the Looking Glass: Painter with Callum Smith

Through the Looking Glass

Special Guest A few words on Callum Smith Callum Smith is a casual-competitive player from London, England. He's a host on the Everyday Eternal podcast and these days lover of all things with the artifact type. How has [[Urza's Saga]] changed the approach of Painter? Does [[Urza's Saga]] impact the match-up against The EPIC storm? Read More »