TES Matchup Battles: Lands II

Matchup Battles

Lands gets its name from the entire deck being based around lands. Land tutors, assembling land combos, using lands to disrupt the opponent, ramping with lands, and even generating card advantage with lands from one of the more important cards, Life from the Loam. Ultimately, it wins by trying ...

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Two Years of Wishclaw Talisman! Feat. Alex McKinley | Quick Bolts

2 Years of Wishclaw Talisman

Bryant Cook and Alex McKinley review the last two years of Wishclaw Talisman! This Quick Bolt was recorded on: 10/09/21 Intro — 00:00 2 Years Ago — 01:38 Mox Opal is the future of The EPIC Storm — 02:30 Wishclaw Talisman — 03:42 v8.3 — 04:50 v8.4 — 06:46 Thoughtseize + Echo of Eons —...

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Matchup Mulligan: Lands II

Matchup Mulligan

Final Aluren Hand Answer Hand No. 10: (on the play) Dark Ritual Dark Ritual Ad Nauseam Underground Sea Burning Wish Tendrils of Agony Rite of Flame » Keep or Mulligan? Keep What does this hand do well? It dodges Force of Vigor entirely. What it doesn’t do well is beat four to seven ...

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